Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coffee Pot Art At Soe Part 3!!

Hey Friends!! Happy Fourth of July!!It's great to finally be posting again after the big computer crash of 2008!! My trusty 5 year old Gateway finally went out in a blaze of sparks and smoke in mid June, and I have been scrambling to get a new system up and running for work and other computer goodness since then. Now I'm running a brand new Dell and I am back and ready for action!!(Woo-Hoo!) Unfortunately, I lost a lot of stuff that was all lined up for blog posts, but will be posting regularly very soon as I recover old files and create new ones. Here is my latest collection of Coffee Pot Art straight from the Studio One break room.(As always, Click on pictures to enlarge)
Cinco De Mayo!!


french roast!

tribute to Vaughn Bode

Blue Meannie
day after cinco de mayo..hehe

If you use Scrum, you know what I mean!!
the day the AC went out..
See you soon with more Bloggy goodness in the days to come so check back often..
(next time: Family Vacation Goodness!!)