Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sony Rocks!!

The "King" of his own whiteboard...

Sony is a great place to work!!
Besides being located in sunny San Diego, (my Hometown) All the people here are extremely talented, and all very nice folks as well. Which makes work a real pleasure, even when it gets busy.
Here is a view of my current animation "digs"*. As digs go, this is pretty darn good having a window and all. In gaming, the projects go quickly and you never stay in one place very long.
You can end up in a sea of cubes, or sharing a small office with three people.You never can tell. Even our Company President has moved down the hall, so no more Ward Kimball naps. (just kidding, Smed.)
Listed from the above photo, are all the things I need on a daily basis to do my animation thing.


1. Fan-Great for keeping all those funky development odors and germs at bay.

2. Sunglasses-Animators are cool! no matter what big, strong men and pretty girls say..
So, a good pair of sunglasses are a must. (If you see a good pair of glasses, please send my way...mine say Target on the handle.)

3. Mirror- For Acting and facial reference. Also good for wiping that Friday "jelly donut" evidence off your lip. ..."No honey,..I was good. It's just cocaine...really!"

4. Disney (the "Man")-Psychedelic Alice poster from the early 70's helps me celebrate all my "unbirthdays. "

5. Family Photos-My beautiful family right next to me all day long...except much quieter. "just kidding, Dear"

6. Phone-Contact with the outside world..."Yes, Dear..Of Course I was listening to you ..Don't I always give you my undivided attention? what was that about your co-worker's mother in law?"

7. Machines that go "ping!"- Lotsa Cool "State of the Art Technology "to play with,
and best of all.. Tech Support...Sweet Hoogely Moogely!

8. Popcorn- A healthy delicious stinky snack. Every day at 3pm.

9. Comfy Chair-Helps me sit and get a load off my mind.

10. Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit A Day" Desk Calendar (one a day is all I ask.)

11. Toys!-Animators love toys. Maybe because we are all big kids at heart.
or just maybe because we're broke and can't afford a real 65 foot Transformer schoolbus with external missle launcher.( place to park it legal anyway...well not in Poway. I checked)

12. Caffeine- Ahh.. Sweet Nectar of Awakeness.!!If you have children, you know what I mean!!( Diet Coke, Coffee, espresso I. V. ,Chocolate)The company ran out of coffee one day back in 2002. "White Monday" it was called as reference to color of the bottoms of everyone's mugs. We almost shut down. Starbucks stock spiked that day for sure.

13. Water-Can't ever seem to drink enough water. Can you?

14. Headphones- Yeah, I know...Milt Kahl and Richard Williams Say "No"..but Hell, One's dead, and the other's in London. and I gotta ROCK!! (Dick, you should try some Metallica...and then do some "cobbling.")

15. DVD/VCR- for watching things move in every speed....or one frame at a time.(very important!! "study the motion, Grashopper!")

16. More Toys-All Plastic Character Goodness in the round. (My Fave? The train from Dr Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham"

17. Natural Light...No fluorescent for me. Give me the sun and the trees and the little Disney birds that accidentally fly into the window.(insert Don Martin sound effect..."Pap!")

18. Mr Tiki Man Says "Bon Jour!" He's French Polynesian ya Know.

19. Mr. Peanut also says "Hi"... but is wary of folks who may want to eat him. "He smells so peanut-buttery up close' they all say.

20. TV- just for sitting "too close" to.... sorry, Mom...and yes, I run with scissors, too!"

21. Reference. I keep a large file of motion reference for just about everything. Today it's "Enchanted" on DVD. I just can't stop watching the Princes' puffy sleeves move around.(very well done, Mr. Baxter and friends.)

22. Kid Stuff...My kids give me the greatest stuff all the time. Cards, Draw-rings, and more toys to play with. My wife says there are "three kids in the house" at home, but I only see the two.


Next Post.."Coffee Pot Art " A New Fine Art Form at Last!! (the photographic evidence)

*from the "Urban Dictionary"

home; place of residence; crib.
"my bro just moved into new digs across town."


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What's up Brad! I'm glad you started a blog. Looking forward to you posts and I added you to my links list. Woohoo!

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Awesome stuff, dude! Good to see the mighty Brad bloggin'. Can't wait for the coffeepot art! Check out my crap on my crappy blog. Putting u on my links...

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