Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SWG "Leftovers" Part One.

Here are a couple of animation "leftovers" from my days on Star Wars Galaxies.

Sometimes you can do a lot of work on something, make it look really cool, put it in, and it just doesn't work for gameplay. Such is the game business. I liken it to an actor's best bits being left on the cutting room floor.

These are some quick anim tests for a "Raptor" skeleton type which had 5 different creatures associated with it. the top is an upright horned creature "gallop" and the bottom is a more traditional dinosaurid type "fast run." These were to be used as "mounts", or rideable creatures, but were eventually dropped in favor of some other form of transportation. I think because the necks were blocking the view from the saddle when upright.

Here's a dug, dig? Yet another cool character with lots of fun animation that never quite made it in. Here I was testing the distance between the "point" animation and the character in front. He may need to back up just a wee tad I think. Ouch!!



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