Friday, September 26, 2008

Quick Value Sketches from Life (partial nudity)

At Sony, We artists are fortunate to have Life Drawing sessions available after work on occasional Wednesdays. They are hosted by the famous "Jaqueline" from the "Ubiquitis Bee Studios" in Downtown San Diego, which also hosts many other drawing and painting workshops.

We get a wide variety of models and techniques to explore, and Jaqueline comes around and helps us with our observation and technique. Plus, it's great to just sit down, and do some real art with my friends at work. These are very quick 2 minute and 5 minute value sketches in watercolor pencil with an emphasis on light and shadow. (as always, click on images to enlarge)




2 min
1 minute gesture

5 min

Next time : Even more coffee pot art from Studio One including a collection of cartoons about fellow developer Bill Yeatts.

See ya soon.


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