Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer 2008 Family Scrapbook / Back to School!

Hey Friends!! That's right, It's back to school time here in beautiful Poway!!
Sorry It's been so long since I posted last. We are in our crunch time at work and that keeps me from sharing as much as I would like. It's all good as our new project, Free Realms, will be coming out early 2009!! I can't wait to show the fruits of our labor soon and best of all it's gonna be free!! Here's a scrapbook of some of our family fun this summer. We did the big "stay-cation" and enjoyed all that Socal has to offer from theme parks and the ocean, to hiking and Baseball. All in all a great summer!! (click on pics to enlarge)

The new Classroom!!

Tori on her first day of kindergarten

James at La Jolla shores.

Me getting the big wet one from Bubba the dog.

all ready for learning!!

James and Zack try out slingshots in the canyons near our house.

Gettin ready for school way too early!

The circus!!

Our SOE booth at Comic Con 2008

Typical Con attendee....

Me and my son celebrating my 42nd B-day at Dave and Busters...

hiking near the house..

happy 4th

At Comic-con with the boy

The line to get in...sheesh!

comic con madness.

Summer Day program at the school

Shirts by Daddy of course (I like the Houses of the Holy Lettering)

Camping in the yard

Bike Day

Tori and her BFF Ariel at the SOE Picnic

yumm...Mud Pies

Caught in the Act of having fun!!

End of another great Day!!

Tori gets her orange belt

Legoland fun


symptoms of my eating disorder

squirting people while growling like a pirate

Calif Adventure with mommy

My son takes Mickey's wallet...

Pixar Parade at CA Advent

Diddneyland fun!!

Riding The Ward Kimball!!

Caged animal on Casey Jr Train!!

My Public!

3 Real Boys and a Girl (yuchh)

Three mighty pirates!! Arrrr!

under the sea

Run, James, run

I like the folks behind me in this one...hehe

At the Ballgame!!

number 1 son

Below is one of the coolest things I saw all summer. It's a carousel with static
Pixar characters that animate when the strobe light flashes...this was at the Pixar exhibit at Disney California Adventure.
Thanx for stopping by...More bloggyness to come, so visit often.

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