Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brew Cartoons.. "Coffee Pot Art" at SOE, the best of 2007

Here at Sony, we love our coffee!! And if there's anything we love more than coffee, it's Fresh Coffee! And if there's anything we love more than fresh coffee, It's fresh coffee with art on it, and a time and flavor so you know what it is and how old it is.
(common courtesy)
So you grab a "post it "and a sharpie and ...presto!...
A New Art Form is Born!!
Next thing you know, someone's hung one up on the wall, then another, and before too long, some are neatly gathered, matted, and framed and displayed like "real artwork" in our break room.
Most are done by me and a few select early morning "coffee cohorts" but the odd guest artist, and or programmer efforts are equally collectable, and help round out the show. Below are some of my personal "Faves" and then the framed collections.
These are done from memory and before coffee.
Enjoy!! BradC

( above) "Caramel Vanilla" by Wes Wheeler(I love this guy's style)

" Decaf " by Rick Randolph (another great artist!)

another great Wes Wheeler "French Roast"

The coffee area with the new "coffee flavor bar" and maker.

Friday is Bagel and Donut Day!!

Example of a "2 parter" the picture was added later(artist unknown)

The result of a request for a "Garfield"

Sometimes I'll do a series based on holidays or other... Here's Peppermint Patty from my "Salute to gender challenged cartoon females" week. Also included were "Velma", "Marcy", and "Dora The Explorer." I don't think anyone figured it out.

One of the Very First ones(and re-used)..I love Patrick..he's so silly!!

Next Time:
Coffee Pot Art Part 2: Even More "off model"-pre caffeine doodles from the "doodle bin" plus:
"The Continuing Adventures of the Recently Displaced Coffee Pot"..


rickart said...

Cool! Ask Dante about the Jostens postit drawing some time...

Jason Johnson said...

Nice! You are an innovator in the realm of coffee related artistry. I can't believe even one of my post-its made it in the collection! Rockin' stuff, Brad!