Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Cartoonist Day" at The Blood Bank 2008 with my Dad!

A great big "Thanks" to everyone who came out for "Cartoonist Day" at the San Diego County Blood Banks last Saturday. As always, It was a lot of fun,and a big success!! ( who can pass up free donuts?)
The SCCS ( Southern California Cartoonist Society) has been doing this event for many many years, and my Dad and I just celebrated our 10th year doing it together out in East County. I am also proud to announce that the SCCS "Cartoonist Day" won the American Association of Blood Banks' National Award for Outstanding Community Service. (whoo-hoo!)

Me and Mickey

Me and my first Art teacher, My Dad..Bob Constantine.
who is a great cartoonist, a helluva good drummer, and a lot of fun to hang with.

Lefty and Righty

See you Next Year!!

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